Narrative short film
Written, produced, and directed by Kevin Murray,


Synopsis: Guns. Knives Clarinets. Former special operative-turned music teacher Winifred Aldridge shan't let armed mercenaries out for revenge interrupt a perfectly good music lesson.


Background: A dark-comedic, action-thriller short film, "Practice" was made for the Carolina Film Community's 2020 Made in Carolinas Film Project, an annual film festival designed to encourage and promote Carolina-made filmmaking. The short film features an original score, by award-winning composer Cristina "Trinity" Vélez-Justo, which drives the narrative and action.


IMDB: Check out "Practice" on IMDB.


Photos: See behind-the-scenes photos on the Thingamajig Media Facebook page.


Accolades: Director Kevin Murray won Best Director at the 2020 Made in Carolinas Film Project competition.