Narrative short film
Written, produced, and directed by Kevin Murray,


Synopsis: Guns. Knives Clarinets. Former special operative-turned music teacher Winifred Aldridge shan't let armed mercenaries out for revenge interrupt a perfectly good music lesson.


Background: A dark-comedic, action-thriller short film, "Practice" was made for the Carolina Film Community's 2020 Made in Carolinas Film Project, an annual film festival designed to encourage and promote Carolina-made filmmaking.


The short film features an original score, by award-winning composer Cristina "Trinity" Vélez-Justo, which drives the narrative and action.


IMDB: Check out "Practice" on IMDB.


Photos: See behind-the-scenes photos on the Thingamajig Media Facebook page.


Accolades: Director Kevin Murray won Best Director at the 2020 Made in Carolinas Film Project competition. "Practice" won the Platinum Award for Best Action Short in the September 2020 Independent Shorts Awards and the Outstanding Achievement Award for Action Short in the November 2020 Indie Shorts Fest.


"Practice" also is an Official Selection of the 2020 international Best Shorts Competition and the 2020 Stranger Days International Film Festival.