Narrative short film
Written, produced, and directed by Kevin Murray


Synopsis: He's got your number. A young woman is home alone one night when disturbing phone calls start coming in. Is someone playing a sick joke, or is there something more sinister going on?


Background: "Hello" is a fun spin on a classic horror movie theme. Filmed in Charlotte, NC and features an all-volunteer cast and crew.


IMDB: Check out "Hello" on IMDB.


Watch: Watch "Hello" on Thingamajig Media's Vimeo page.


Photos: See behind-the-scenes photos on the Thingamajig Media Facebook page.

"Hello" made its screen debut at the Thingamajig Shindig: Film Screening and Party at C3 Lab in December 2016. See photos from the event on the Thingamajig Media Facebook page.